Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'To Heal Our Broken Heart" - solo exhibit by Patricia Krebs

Cactus Gallery is proud to present "To Heal Our Broken Heart," a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Patricia Krebs.

For "To Heal Our Broken Heart" - her fourth solo show at Cactus - Krebs created a series of over 30 2 & 3-dimensional pieces reflecting on our power to hurt and heal ourselves, each other, and the world.

Krebs' whimsical characters narrate stories of passion and heartache, and are born from combining a traditional technique with playful experimentation with materials and found objects. The results are a visual contrast that strengthens the dialogue between her diverse characters, intensifying the emotional content of these evocative pieces.

For availability, go to Patricia's website: http://www.patriciakrebs.com.ar/HealBrokenHeart.html

Contact Sandra Mastroianni @ semastroianni70@yahoo.com or 323.256.6117 for purchase info.

Many older pieces which go with the theme are available here:

If you want to see pictures of the installation and of the reception, go to: http://www.patriciakrebs.com.ar/shows.html

For information about the show, visit: http://www.patriciakrebs.com.ar/flyer.htm