Monday, June 30, 2008

VIVA el arte !!! 24 "Enchanting Ladies" found a home !!

PhotobucketPlease come visit Cactus Gallery before July 9th to see the remaining "GUARDIANAS" sculptures and paintings that are still looking for a home. Come meet the Guardianas - strong, playful protectors of the Earthly realm and spiritual world. 

We are proud to have sold twenty-four (24) art pieces for Patricia Krebs during the run of the show; six went home just yesterday !!!

A few puppets and many small pieces, like handcrafted and handpainted keychains, rings and pendants and OWL sculptures await you. Also available are two children's books which Patricia has illustrated.

VIVA el Cactus !!! VIVA Patricia !!! Viva el ARTE !!!

Thank you for supporting local artists and small, eclectic galleries ! Above are some of the art pieces still available. We offer LAYAWAY; an awesome way to acquire art. Don't run up your credit cards; invest in art a smarter, gentler way.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Please join us this Saturday, May 10th from 7-10pm for's Second Saturday Gallery Night. We are proud to present "Enchanting Ladies" a solo show by Argentine multimedia artist extraordinaire Patricia Krebs.

Patricia's work, whatever the medium, talks to us about life, the complexity of humanity, the connections within ourselves, between each other, and to Mother Earth. Krebs is now working on a series of female characters called "Guardianas," (guardians) who are strong protectors of the Earthly realm who can also inspire our dreams. Mischievous and playful, the Guardianas entice us to enter Patricia's world.

Exhibition dates: May 10 through June 26, 2008
Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 12p-7p, Sat 10a-5p and Sun 10a-2p

Second Saturday: May 10th - 7-10pm
Artist Reception: SUNDAY, May 18th - 3-6pm PATRICIA will be singing at the reception.

Friday, April 25, 2008

How Do You Pack It?

Often times I am asked, "How do you pack it?," when people see a bombilla (bohm-bee-ya) for the first time. They think it is a cool pipe, when in fact it is a metal drinking straw used to drink yerba mate. Yerba mate (mah-tay) is a popular tea native to subtropical  South America. It is prepared by steeping the dried leaves in hot water. Drinking mate with friends from a shared hollow gourd is an extremely common social practice in Argentina. It is used in popular medicine as a STIMULANT to the nervous system, a diurectic, and an appetite suppressant. People in the states are FINALLY catching onto yerba mate's healthy properties and inexpensive price. 

For more info, check out ::

Cactus Gallery has an assortment of beautiful handmade gourds, bombillas and four different types of yerba mate tea imported from the motherland, Argentina. A typical set runs you $20-22 and a fancy set goes for $40-45. Do something good for your body today - start drinking mate!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Earth Day :: Show YOUR Love for Mother Earth !!

What have you done for me lately? Remember that super cheesy Janet Jackson hit from the 80's? Well, as a girl who used Aqua Net to poof up her hair as big as it would go (think of the CFC's!!!!), I do. Yesterday I saw that Jelly Bean shoes, those plastic attrocities also from the 80's are back on the racks at a major department store. Good God, Mother Earth must be screaming out the very same thing as Janet did back in the day. 

Folks, you know you should be doing MORE to help Mother Earth. With two kids in primary school who call me on everything, I am aware more and more about recycling with each passing day. Beyond the air pollution from our vehicles, and the run off that taints our Southern California beaches, did you know that U.S. residents are responsible for ***** 60,000 plastic bags being used every 5 seconds ???!!!! **** The U.S. contains 4% of the world's population, but is responsible for 25% of the WORLD'S carbon dioxide emissions !!! Jeee-zus.

It is our responsibility to instill in our kids NOW a solid understanding of how to protect the Earth. Check out for ideas on helping families nurture green practices at home. If you are in the L.A. area, you are lucky. There are many recycled art shows and events in store for you. 

Cactus Gallery is housing a FOUND art show that will run until May 8th. Bring your children, your neighbor's kid or even your kid's whole class to check out recycling in action. More than 30 artists have reused, recycled or repurposed items that were headed off as landfill. The results are amazing; please come delight in the PROMISE that found art COMMUNICATES !!