Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Earth Day :: Show YOUR Love for Mother Earth !!

What have you done for me lately? Remember that super cheesy Janet Jackson hit from the 80's? Well, as a girl who used Aqua Net to poof up her hair as big as it would go (think of the CFC's!!!!), I do. Yesterday I saw that Jelly Bean shoes, those plastic attrocities also from the 80's are back on the racks at a major department store. Good God, Mother Earth must be screaming out the very same thing as Janet did back in the day. 

Folks, you know you should be doing MORE to help Mother Earth. With two kids in primary school who call me on everything, I am aware more and more about recycling with each passing day. Beyond the air pollution from our vehicles, and the run off that taints our Southern California beaches, did you know that U.S. residents are responsible for ***** 60,000 plastic bags being used every 5 seconds ???!!!! **** The U.S. contains 4% of the world's population, but is responsible for 25% of the WORLD'S carbon dioxide emissions !!! Jeee-zus.

It is our responsibility to instill in our kids NOW a solid understanding of how to protect the Earth. Check out for ideas on helping families nurture green practices at home. If you are in the L.A. area, you are lucky. There are many recycled art shows and events in store for you. 

Cactus Gallery is housing a FOUND art show that will run until May 8th. Bring your children, your neighbor's kid or even your kid's whole class to check out recycling in action. More than 30 artists have reused, recycled or repurposed items that were headed off as landfill. The results are amazing; please come delight in the PROMISE that found art COMMUNICATES !!

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