Monday, January 26, 2009

Walt Hall :: Fenceposts for a Better Tomorrow

About three years ago, Cactus Gallery put on a "$100 Show." We have always believed art should be accessible to everyone and we thought it to be a good way to attract new collectors. During the run of this show, we got to know a guy named Walt Hall; he was down with the idea of ART FOR THE PEOPLE.

Since then, we have been able to reach a hundred or so collectors, new and old, who love the idea of collecting Walt's "panels." The price of each panel has gone up since the first few he did, and rightly so, as the quality of work has grown by leaps and bounds and his popularity and recognition has also.

Having seen hundreds of panels by now, I am still impressed with the panels, the way Walt transports them and carefully hangs his wall to "tell a story." The placement of the multilingual newsprint, the birds, the hats, the nostalgia that much of it invokes gets better and better.

What's with the hierarchy of the hats? The bird walkers? The bird riders? The too infrequent appearance of the robots? The barren trees? What does it all mean? I can't make sense of it all. I don't want to. With each new batch of fenceposts that grace the Cactus walls, I am humbled by the sheer number of works that Walt has created in such a short period of time. Hat's off to you, Walt Hall, no pun intended. 

Come see why everybody loves Walt Hall. "Fenceposts for a Better Tomorrow" always available at Cactus Gallery. 

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