Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Digital Preview -- "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep"

Contact Sandra Mastroianni at or 323.256.6117 to purchase artwork or for more information.

"At Night" - SOLD

"Birth Song for the Forest - Treasure Map" - SOLD

"In the Mourning" - SOLD

"Walking After You" - SOLD

"You Were My Last Failure" - AVAILABLE

"With the Winter Comes the Snow" - AVAILABLE

"Winding Road Through the Forest" - SOLD

"Will Be as Good as New" - SOLD

"Walkies in Blue, Broken" - SOLD

"The Wood" - AVAILABLE

"The Small Apartment" - SOLD

"The Renaissance in France (Wee Wee)" - - AVAILABLE

"The Partisans the Liaison Plane" - AVAILABLE

"The March of the Winter Robots" - AVAILABLE

"The Groundskeeper" - SOLD

"The Eastern Passage, Cabin 110" - SOLD

"The Conductor" - AVAILABLE

"The Bird Man is Always There" - SOLD

"The Animals of the Zoo" - AVAILABLE

"Tally-Ho" - SOLD

"She Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told Her" - - AVAILABLE

"Sadness" - AVAILABLE

"Robot Number 215"- SOLD

"River Cat" - AVAILABLE

"River Bunny"- AVAILABLE

"Or She is Flirting Again" - SOLD

"Oh, Mr. Moonlight, Chapter 10" - SOLD

"Into Deep Black Water" - SOLD

"I Am Quiet Again" - SOLD

"Experiments with Light" - SOLD

"Capitalism Rules the Sea" - AVAILABLE

"Because We Just Like Being Together" - SOLD

"At the End of the Forest" - - AVAILABLE

"Astroboy and Glick the Space Bear" - SOLD

"Daddy Birds Sing" - AVAILABLE

"After He Left Berlin it Seemed Like.." - AVAILABLE

"A Winter's Flight" - SOLD

"A Great Day for Passenger Classes" - SOLD

"2 Robots, 3 Trees" - SOLD

"The Last Procession" - AVAILABLE

"The Robots and the Animals were Friends Once" - AVAILABLE

"The Procedure" - AVAILABLE

"The Forest Keeper" - AVAILABLE

"Although it is a The Field Trip, Students are Expected to Bring Their Books" - AVAILABLE

"In Circles (Sing Song Sung) in Blue" - SOLD

"Heartstrings" - SOLD

"Fun with Our Friends" - SOLD

"Classroom Weather Bureau" - AVAILABLE

"Bingo Baby!" - SOLD

"A Family Gives Thanks to God for What It Has Received" - SOLD

"Six Black Birds" - SOLD

"Your Father's Tree" - SOLD

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