Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patricia Krebs SOLO Exhibit - All New Work at Cactus Gallery

Exhibition Dates: May 12 through June 6, 2012

IN LIGHT OF THE DARK – new mixed media works by Patricia Krebs

Cactus Gallery is proud to present "In Light of the Dark," a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Patricia Krebs. In her work, Krebs talks about life: the complexity of humanity, the connections within ourselves, between each other, and to the Earth. For “In Light of the Dark” – her fifth annual solo show at Cactus Gallery - Krebs presents a series of mixed media pieces primarily created with collage, ink and acrylic on canvas. Krebs then playfully combines gestural painting and line drawing, incorporates detailed photos, small pieces of text and adds three dimensional objects.

Through the visual elements and the narrative, these new works reflect on how polar opposites, or seemingly contrary forces, are interconnected and feed each other. She depicts how what we see as contraries or contradictions (dark and light, feminine and masculine, good and bad, life and death, etc.) are all part of a universal balance, often times exploited by humans’ own need for strict classifications that lead us to prejudice. Her whimsical characters seduce us and call us to pay close attention to have a better perception of what is shown and what is hidden.

Patricia Krebs (1976) grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she earned her degrees in Fine Arts and Contemporary Visual Arts. Since 2001, she has lived in Los Angeles, California, where she works as a full-time multimedia artist.

Krebs’ artwork has been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers, and featured on books covers, CDs and educational magazines in South and North America. She has designed and illustrated over a dozen books, including several award winning children’s picture books, and created puppets, props and masks for theatrical events. In addition, she has written lyrics & music for her own musical projects as well as for other artists and companies, and recorded Spanish voiceovers for major movies, such as Corpse Bride, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Beowulf, and Happy Feet I & II.

Some highlights in her career include: Women Artists On Immigration exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles, selected by MOCA curator Alma Ruiz (2008); illustrating for Decisio Magazine, published by the Center of Regional Cooperation for the Education of Adults in Latin America and the Caribbean, CREFAL, sponsored by UNESCO; being selected for the Mayor’s Official Invitation to the LHM Opening Celebration (2009), for which she received a Certificate of Special Recognition “in appreciation of outstanding and invaluable artistic contribution to the City of Los Angeles 2009 Latino Heritage Month” (2010); and, the book Classic Songs, Rhymes, and Activities in English, Spanish and ASL, which Krebs illustrated and helped translate into Spanish, being selected for the Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities Collection by IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People) presented at the Biennial International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, Italy (2011).