Sunday, February 15, 2015

LOTERIA! Group Show and 10 Year Anniversary!

LOTERIA! Group Show
March 14 - April 8
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 14, 2015 * 6p-10p

 Cactus Gallery is pleased to present our first exhibit of 2015 -- LOTERIA!

La Loteria is a game of chance played like Bingo, only with pictures instead of numbers. The Loteria deck uses 54 images, including characters, instruments, flora, animalia, and objects which have become iconic and synonymous with Mexican culture.

Our LOTERIA! exhibit will feature 54 paintings and mixed media works by 50 artists who used their assigned card as a springboard for their modern interpretation and the results are delightful. For context, displayed alongside the interpretations, will be the most commonly recognized standard deck by Pasatiempos Gallo, S.A.

Pasatiempos Gallo, (Don Clemente, Inc. in the US), began publishing the game in 1887. The game originated in Italy in the 15th century and was brought to Mexico in 1769. In the beginning, Loteria was a hobby of the upper classes, but eventually it became a tradition at Mexican fairs.

Please join us for this charming show and play La Loteria with us during the reception
for a chance to win a signed original from one of the participating artists!

This is the original iconic Loteria deck by Pasatiempos Gallo (Don Clemente, Inc. in the US). 

Works by artists Miriam Martinez, Gabriela Zapata, Holly Wood, Alea Bone, and Joe Bravo.

Works by artists Joshua Coffy, Sarah Stone, Angela Maria Ortiz S., Bill Wheeler, and PECA.

Works by Andie Bogdan, Lacey Bryant, Sarah Polzin, Lea Barozzi, and Janet Olenik.