Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"All Dolled Up" Dollmakers IV Exhibit - Group Show Featured artist: Denise Bledsoe

"All Dolled Up" Dollmakers IV Exhibit - Group Show
Featured artist: Denise Bledsoe

Scheduled to run: October 10 - November 7, 2015
RECEPTION: Saturday, October 10 *6p-9p

Contact Sandra Mastroianni at semastroianni70@yahoo.com for information on installment plans, cash and check sales, and any questions regarding purchases.

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase your favorite art piece online sat our new shop at: www.cactusgalleryla.com

Dollmakers IV will showcase numerous doll makers from different parts of the U.S., Canada and Australia, alongside works from several of our Cactus Gallery family members. This exhibit features painstakingly handcrafted art dolls; some cute, some hauntingly beautiful, and others slightly twisted; all true mixed media wonders!

Media includes needle felt, hand carved nesting dolls, fabric, hand stitched and embroidered felt, paper clay, polymer clay, hand-dyed textiles and vintage veils, lace, and other vintage materials, assemblage using bones and found objects and more. We are excited to welcome beautifully painted nesting doll sets to the mix this year!

Our featured artist, Denise Bledsoe (California, USA), has been involved in art since childhood. Her first love was and always has been, sculpting and mixed media. She uses both ceramic and oil based clays. The 3D and textural qualities achievable through sculpture satisfies her creatively. She is a gallery favorite and her dolls are adopted quickly!

Participating Artists:

Murphy Adams
Kat Anderson
Ulla Anobile (via Finland)
Julie B
Elisa Belloni (Italy)
Christine Benjamin
Keely Benkey-Reichman
Denise Bledsoe (Featured Artist)
Stephanie Brockway
Lacey Bryant
Joshua Coffy
Henry T. Cram
Bibi Davidson
Sheri DeBow
Kylie Dexter (Australia)
Eden Folwell
Jacqui Gallant (Canada)
Rasa Jadzeviciene (via Lithuania)
Patricia Krebs (via Argentina)
Mavis Leahy
Ann Lim
Jazmin Molina
Catherine Bursill Moore
Jen Musatto
Daisuke Okamoto (via Japan)
Johnny Quintanilla
Rosie Rojas
Salvage Art Sweetheart
Stephanie Unson
Simone Young (Canada)
Gabriela Zapata (via Mexico)


UteV said...

This is wonderful! I'm a doll Artist too. Will you be having an exhibit like this again. I would love to be part of it.

UteV said...

This is wonderful! Will you be having another exhibit like this in the future. I'm a long time doll artist and would love to get more information. Thank you! Ute