Sunday, December 20, 2015

TWO exhibits for November and December!

"Liminal Space"
Solo show by artist Lacey Bryant
A new series of paintings focused on memory and place.

November 14 - December 31, 2015
Opening reception: Saturday, November 14, 2015 * 6p-9p

See the show online and purchase your favorite piece:
Lacey Bryant has been a Cactus Gallery favorite for over 6 years. Please join us for the reception, as Lacey will be coming down from Northern California that day!
As always, we are open to installment plans to help you grow your collection. Contact Sandra at for more info.

Artist Statement:

In my most recent series I've been working to create haunting and beautiful environments layered together from fragments of real and imagined places. Abandoned buildings, vacant lots and the rolling hills of California are pulled from my meandering excursions in the Bay area and form the atmosphere of the series. Within these settings are common objects, trash and treasure. These are haphazardly littered along the ground or carefully arranged like holy relics placed in contradiction with the settings.
Marbles are suspended in air like small worlds to create a sense of movement and stillness at once, as if the motion of the scene is paused as you observe a moment outside of time. This bending of the rules of perspective and scale causes a dissonance within the picture plane that is intended to imbue the objects with special importance as well as to embrace the inherently false nature of art.
Figures are occasionally present in these scenes, although they take on a more anonymous and ghostly role than in my earlier works. Frequently shadowy, distant or turned away from the viewer, or with wild manes of hair obscuring their faces, these figures appear blind to the scenes that they are wandering through reenacting forgotten memories, trapped in repetition.

"Tiny Treasures X"
Group show 

Runs November 14 - December 31, 2015

See the show online and purchase your favorite piece:

This popular cash-and-carry style exhibit includes handmade ornaments, small sculptures, handcrafted jewelry, embroidery, watercolor, drawings, oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings, paper mache, assemblage, wearable pins, hand painted notebooks, handcrafted stockings and more.
All works priced $10 to $100.
Participating artists:  
Donna Abbate, Douglas Alvarez, Joe Alvarez & Erin Campbell, Ulla Anobile, Julie B., Lea Barozzi, Elisa Belloni, Christine Benjamin, Terri Berman, Denise Bledsoe, Andrea Bogdan, Lacey Bryant, Joe Carrion, Chloe Ching, Jeff Claassen, Bibi Davidson, Ashley Fisher, Eden Folwell, Rosie Garcia, Brenda Paola Gomez, Walt Hall, KHowell, Rasa Jadzeviciene, Brooke Kent, Randy Kono, Patricia Krebs, Mavis Leahy, Jian Lee, Ann Lim, Candace McKay, Jazmin Molina, Andrea Monroe, Nichol Norman, Daisuke Okamoto, Roger O’Leary-Archer, Janet Olenik, Oxley and Mortimer Jewelry, Vera Paras, Sarah Polzin, Johnny Quintanilla, Jen Raven, Bobby Rojas, Salvage Art Sweetheart, Lena Sayadian, Kelly Thompson, YiShu Wang, Nicole Waszak, Michelle Waters, Bill Wheeler, Holly Wood, Gabriela Zapata and more.

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